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  1. Well hiya Peeps :-)

    Exciting news - My NEW website for What Knots Wood went Live this afternoon!!!

    New Website

    After many hours of work (days and nights), I have finally got the new site to a stage that I was happy to publish.  

    I'm using a company called Create.Net who are based in Brighton.  I decided to give them a try after reading an article in the Guardian (I think???) about how to improve your presence on the web AND be able to sell your items without incurring a fee.

    Now, my last website was with a company (not going to name them) who were, frankly - not very helpful.  Their builder site was not particularly intuative, and I certainly outgrew it in terms of things that I wanted to do in order to build my site.  WELL - the folks at Create are bloody brilliant!!!!  Needed advice on two or three occasions - emailed them, and they answered within a couple of hours!!!  They also produced little snippets of HTML code that tweeked my pages so that they did exactly what I wanted.  SO impressed with them so far!!!!

    Anyway - back to my NEW website (did I mention that I have a new website??) ;-)

    Crisp, clean and uncluttered.  Bright and airy.  I like the way that my site is automatically readjusted so that it looks good on PC, Tablets and Mobiles!!!  Plenty of space for reviews that customers have given me.  LOADS of space to display photos of the items that I have made - all set out in galleries and slideshows.  

    There IS the provision for an online shop.  At the moment, I have disabled this, and I'll be working on getting that up and running in the next few weeks.  Basically, I'll include all items that I currently have "in stock" so that customers can purchase directly from my website.  If a customer can't finf what they are after in the Shop, then they can contact me via the Contact Form with their requirements and I can then give them a call for a chat.

    This Builder Site also makes it much easier to optimise my website for Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo.  Time will tell, but I'll certainly be checking to see that I start moving up the seearch results.

    Cheers for taking the time to read.  Please check back to see what I'm up to :-)

    Anyway, enough for now I think - off to bed.